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Tetra Pond Planter Basket

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Keep your pond plants healthy and thriving with the Tetra Pond Planter Basket. Specially designed for pond plants, this 10-inch basket allows nutrients and water to get to the roots of your plants while making for the perfect accent addition to your naturalistic pond environment. You can use it for your favorite submerged plants, and is ideal for water lilies. Simply insert your plant with roots into the basket and then place it anywhere around your pond. The basket will keep your plant from spreading to other parts of your pond or from damaging your pond liner. Plus, it makes it easy to move them around whenever you need to change up the decor.

Why We Love It:

  • Allows nutrients and water to get to the roots of your pond plants, especially lilies.
  • Keeps your plant roots from spreading to other parts of your pond where you don’t want them.
  • Protects your pond’s rubber or plastic liner from damage by plants that like to root deep

About Tetra

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